Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inhale. Exhale. Namaste.

Yoga and Pilates: trend or necessity? Typically my work days are spent on my feet running in circles bagging bread (it's a sexy job what can I say?), but every Thursday (and most Wednesdays) I am confined to a desk and a computer for THE ENTIRE DAY. You might think "So what? That is how most people spend their work day?" but I of course am a restless busy bee. I find that on these days my body feels heavy and stiff. I am overcome with aches and pains from sitting in my adjustable office chair. By the time my day is over all I want to do is relax, cook and curl up with a good book, NOT exercise. With my crazy schedule I no longer have time to go to the gym or simply be active. Plus, that requires a whole production and a shower which is additional time that I can not afford to waste. (I don't want to be like that "smelly girl" in your 5th grade gym class.)

With months of doing absolutely no form of physical activity I found that there was a build up of stiffness and soreness. My body ached. I thought it was important to start stretching but if I did it on my own it would be approximately 5 minutes every....once and a while. I went to the sporting goods store searching for stretching tapes and inevitably wound up in the proud display of yoga mats and sports bras in the woman's fitness section. I admit in the past I have been to a few classes and always found my mind wandering. Honestly, I thought it was a lot of BS and not worth my time...the lazy-man-workout. Now it has become one of my guilty pleasures. I ended up purchasing a video of 5- 20min routines and what a difference it has made. I can do it in the convenience of my room, it isn't too physically taxing, and definitely releases all my daily stress. At the end of a work day (especially a stressful one) it is important to nourish you mind, body and soul.

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