Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year: New Blog

2010 is rapidly approaching, and although I am not a complete believer in New Year's resolutions (seriously do people ever keep them past the second week in January?), I think it is important to set goals. Aside from getting a job after college, I am going to take some inspiration from the movie Julie and Julia(a recent Christmas gift from my parents who know me too well), and write a more focused blog. No, I'm not going to copy the premise of that movie and no, I'm not going to stop writing about my bread, cheese and wine revelations. This year, I am going to be brave and attempt to master new culinary skills. I want to make souffle, fillet a fish, de-bone a duck, make sushi and attempt to create my own sauces. Honestly you never know until you try, and you learn from your mistakes so why not take risks? I'm still a student, so it is hard to focus my life around food, but I am going to explore at least one new dish each week until graduation in May, and grow from there. For consistency's sake I will publish my attempts on Sundays, and if I have any additional thoughts or foodie experiences I'll provide those sparingly in separate blogs through out the week. I think this is a realistic goal. I'm committing.

Game On,


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