Friday, January 22, 2010

Bored Foodie

Cooking has always been my hobby. I always find it relaxing to go into my kitchen at the end of a busy work day and artfully craft something delectable; creating a great meal is a gift you give yourself. I'm the type of person that could never pop a cellophane covered frozen entree in the microwave on high for five minutes...I just cant. Even at the end of my busiest day, I like to take the time (or I at least go to the prepared food section of my grocery store) to have a real meal. Although I do find joy in cooking for one, there is NOTHING like cooking for and dining with others. I am only truly satisfied knowing that all my time spent in the kitchen brought some small joy to those around me. Regardless, when I am subjected to the silence of my apartment, with nothing to do, I cook. My boredom this week brought me to a new dish I call "Chicken Malbec". I used ingredients that I had around and needed to use to make a work of art. I had half a bottle of Malbec in the fridge from the previous week and some mushrooms and thought I would use the same method for Chicken Marsala with Malbec. Malbec is a smokey, hearty wine so I pared it with earthy bella mushrooms and wilted spinach, sweet roasted beets (left over from quesadilla night), tangy goat cheese and toasted walnuts. It seemed like the type of meal I would order at a bistro. GO ME! The only sad part of the meal was when it was over, and I was still alone. Good thing I had some ice cream and mini candies in the freezer, and Grey's Anatomy was new. How typical female of me.. LAME!

Pitty My Loneliness,


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