Saturday, January 9, 2010

I <3 Avocados

Avocados are one of nature's hidden treasures. Upon first impression, they appear to be ugly and unappetizing. As the dark bumpy skin is removed a brilliant, glossy, light green flesh appears surrounding a smooth and perfectly round core. The symmetry of an avocado is quite impressive. The taste is creamy, smooth and refreshing; there is nothing quite like it. Eating an avocado feels like you are indulging with something decadent, but they are extremely healthy for you. A serving of an avocado provides 20 essential nutrients and heart healthy unsaturated fats; necessary for growth and development. (Good to know that something I could eat morning, noon and night is also good for me.)

I recently used half of an avocado in a quesadilla and, still craving more the next morning, decided to use the other half in an omelet. The thing I really love about avocados is that they provide a great texture to any dish and are meaty and filling. I called it the "Refreshing California" original. I wilted about 1 cup of baby spinach (best spinach flavor in my opinion) and chopped and sauteed about 5 baby bella mushrooms as the main filling for my omelet. In a separate pan I added my egg mixture (three eggs whisked) and let is set up. Once it was set, I added the spinach and mushrooms, Swiss cheese, fresh slices of Roma tomato and thin strips of avocado. I folded the omelet allowing the cheese to melt and the tomato and avocado to warm slightly. I topped the omelet with more avocado and tomato and finished it with fresh ground black pepper and a few dashes of hot sauce. The flavors all melded nicely and the warm avocado was simply luscious. What a great way to start my day.

Add avocados to everything,


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