Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheers to Microbreweries!

I have admitted that I am a food snob, clearly I have an affection for wine and today I have to confess, I am a bit pretentious about beer. Why would I drink a Bud Light with my meal when I could have a carefully crafted microbrewery beer? I want to enhance the foods that I am eating with my drink not ruin them. Using good ingredients in a meal makes it taste better, and drinking better wine and beer does the same. If you aren’t drinking the good stuff what is the point?

My favorite microbrewery is the Middle Ages Brewery in Syracuse, New York. From the outside you would never guess that this place was a brewery. There are no signs and the parking area (well, it is a side walk really) is non-existent. You walk in to a little room filled with burly men tasting beers and two fat cats basking in the sun. They have clever labels on their brews and even more clever names. My favorite beer they produce is called the “Wailing Wench”. It is a very flavorful hoppy beer that they deem “full bodied and screaming with hops”. The label features a voluptuous “wench” who appears to be screaming (with hops?). Their seasonal Apricot Ale is also surprisingly good. If you typically don’t like fruit flavor beers, neither do I, but this one is worth the try. The apricot flavor pairs nicely with the ale, enhancing the beer without making it too sweet. Next time you go to the grocery store skip over the 30 racks of Coors and Budweiser and make your way over to the 6 packs of microbrewery beer. Your taste buds will thank you.

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