Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Inspired!

Lately I have been grocery shopping with an open mind. Instead of having strategically planned meals in mind, I pick one star item and focus everything else around it. My star items, of course, are things I don't normally cook with and HAVE to try. I have made quinoa with sauteed vegetables and roasted salmon, and crusted tilapia with purple potatoes, using my newly gained pan-searing skills to cook the fish. The class that I took on pan-searing caused me to think outside the box when preparing proteins. I usually just throw some salt, pepper and olive oil (sometimes other herbs and lemon) on them and use grilling or roasting methods for a given amount of time. I never thought to gauge the "done-ness" of an item on temperature rather than time or use things such as finishing butters to deglaze the pan and make a extraordinary flavorful sauce. I think it is important to explore new items and methods of cooking. Not only does it expand your cooking repertoire but it helps avoid dinner time doldrums.

My next venture: Swiss Chard.

Have fun with cooking!


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