Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Sense: A Complete Mind, Body and Soul Experience

"Ben...Jerry...we need to talk. It's not you, it's me." Don't worry, I could never completely end my relationship with my long time boyfriends; ice cream will always and forever be my favorite food. But for now, I think we are better off being "just friends". Recently, I have been seeing another devilish duo: bread and cheese. The more I saw Mr. Bread and Cheese the more I realized that my relationship with Mr. Ben and Jerry was superficial and based on lust. Bread and Cheese, however; enveloped my heart and soul.

On Wednesday I was having one of those "hum-drum"days. You know, the kind where you look up at the clock and only 5 minutes have passed since the last time you checked. Upon arriving at work, A BIG voice greeted me telling me that I HAD to try her bread and cheese pairing. My mentor, the demo lady, was featuring our seven-grain sourdough with Le Pie d'Angloys (a French wash-rind cheese). She immediately handed me a warm piece of bread that was carefully cradling a generous amount of cheese. The bread has a wonderful hard exterior with nutty sunflower seeds and oats baked on top. The interior is incredibly soft with hints of grains inside the dough that give it a subtle crunch. The cheese is similar to a brie: soft, creamy and rich with a mild flavor. With one bite, my taste buds were singing, my heart was smiling and my soul was soothed. The texture of the silky cheese with the light tang and crunch of the bread was heavenly. I had to step away for a moment just so I could enjoy the experience. It was the type of feeling that you get when you come inside on a cold blustery day and curl up in a blanket with a rich hot chocolate. Your whole being just feels spoiled and magnificent. If I had a glass of good wine and sweatpants, my nirvana would have been complete. Unfortunately, I still had 8.5 hours of work so that dream was impossible, but at least now the slow moving clock didn't seem as bad.

Eat Well,

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