Monday, August 3, 2009

J'aime Camembert de Normandie

mmm Camembert de Normandie!! Enjoying this cheese makes me feel as if I have France running through my veins. I automatically start believing that French is my first language and have a strong desire for a beret and a glass of wine (how stereotypical of me). Sure, I have had other Camembert type cheeses but real Camembert is a cow's milk cheese that originates from it's birthplace: Normandy, France. Slightly pale yellow in color and soft on the verge of runny, Camembert de Normandie has a pearly appearance that you know upon first glance will coat your mouth with an elegant goodness. It has the luxurious mouth feel that you would expect it to have upon examination: silky, smooth, and soft followed by a rich earthy flavor.The flavor is almost that of a good REAL French Brie. A little bit of Camembert goes a long way. The flavor lingers a bit and makes your heart sing praises to France. I am in awe of this cheese. Grab a good glass of wine, some crusty sourdough baguette and Camembert de Normandie and you will find yourself in the ultimate bliss.

au revoir,


  1. I'd like to try it. What kind of wine goes best with this cheese?

  2. I would suggest a buttery clean Chardonnay, not one that has a distinct oaky flavor. For a red I would suggest a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. You want to really TASTE this cheese so it is important to have a subtle wine that wont over power the cheese.

  3. You've made me hungry. Would you recommend serving this cheese with fresh fruit? We have dinner guests in August. Does Tastings feature this cheese?

  4. When serving a cheese board it is important to keep the palates of your guest in mind. Camembert has an "earthy" flavor. Many would describe it as having hints of mushroom or broccoli flavors. Accompaniments may vary depending on the wine and cheeses you serve. For fresh fruit try pear slices or figs. Dried fruits such as apricots, cranberries, figs and dates also pair nicely. Remember always serve cheese at room temperature for optimum flavor! Good luck!